Xmas is fast approaching

Wow! It feels like we have just recovered from last Christmas and yet here it is again.

To help stay cool and collected as the silly season approaches it is a good idea to start making checklists now.

Not only do you need to ensure the relatives are on the card list, and enough presents are on layby you really also need to start a checklist on your Christmas security checklist.

Are you going away?

Do you expect to stock up on valuable stockholdings to cover the supplier shut-down periods?

Are you prepared for the traditional seasonal increase in break & enters?

And don’t wait for the last moment to attend to your security & safety requirements as many businesses, and especially us at FRANKsecure find we are run to maximum capacity in the weeks leading up to Christmas. So reduce your stress and really consider your lock requirements and alarm or security camera system services now, October & November are excellent times to allow bookings and to order stock in time before Christmas.

FRANKsecure will continue to post security ideas and specials we can offer leading into the festive season.

Wishing all our clients, existing and forthcoming, a safe and organised preparation for Christmas 2013.