Wide Angle Security Camera

Wide angle security camera that sees into the night. 30+ metres in fact!

Our latest Dahua wide angle lens cameras have an amazing width of view from it’s 180 degree 3 lens unit.

Ultra-sharp night vision then creates an awesome and powerful security tool for many applications.

There is no escaping the view of this camera, no black spots often found when utilising multiple standard view cameras to cover the same area.

Get a call from your monitoring company, log onto your Milestone (our recommended back-end camera server) phone app, and view / review footage of what’s actually happening onsite without having to skip between cameras to try and ascertain if anyone is actually onsite.


  1. Business street frontage property. Just like our street frontage in an industrial estate, security breaches will normally come from the street. Be it via the drive-way or someone jumping the fence, you will get the recording and you will be able to watch live vision without the need of switching between camera views. Easy!
  2. Waterfront property. A very common request is to monitor the canal or river access section of waterfront properties. The solution is the Dahua 180 degree wide angle camera.
  3. Perimeter fences. Schools, large properties and the like will be able to cover far more of their property perimeter with this camera at their disposal. 3 cameras = quality vision day or night for over 100m of fence line.

Contact FRANKsecure’s sales team to discuss your needs and whether this bad boy of cameras will perform for you.