Why use FRANKsecure?

Why use FRANKsecure as your preferred security company?

Choosing the right security provider is not an easy task for the consumer who has not had the need for a locksmith or alarm technician, and it can be also easy to be drawn to whoever is offering the cheapest price on the phone.

Like any industry there is far more that goes on behind the scenes than what our consumers may realise, and in the security industry, like many trades, the compliances, regulations, inductions, insurances, licensing, workplace health & safety and more imposed on a security company may indeed lead to a better product for the consumer but of course at a cost.

Security companies continually battle the imposing threats of single person operators who leach into the markets of security companies as they do not carry the same burden of costs associated with operating a company.

So why choose a Security Company over a Single Operator? and Why does FRANKsecure deserve your consideration?

  1. FRANKsecure, a family business for almost 50 years, continues to employ and support local families.

  2. FRANKsecure provides clients with a known physical address and showroom for support, to answer your calls and coordinate your requirements.

  3. FRANKsecure are committed to maintaining high levels of technical support via qualified, well trained technicians, ensuring the latest technology and product enhancements are made available to clients via our well established relationships with suppliers.

  4. FRANKsecure maintains correct maintenance of all regulation and licensing requirements to ensure our clients have Security Licensed technicians attending to their needs.

  5. FRANKsecure is always there for the client.

Most companies are imposed by various regulations so to assist in their requirements FRANKsecure have a dedicated webpage which homes all the details of our licensing and insurances, and will soon be updted with more details of our licensed technicians, so that you know who is coming into your premises and where we can be found when needed again.

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