Who’s at the door?

Who’s at the door?

The door bell sounds, you are heading the door and it’s after dark, hopefully the person (or persons) behind your closed door is someone you know.

A simple home security system should always include a video intercom system. Intercom systems allow you to answer the door without ever opening the door.

Intercom systems enable you to view who’s at the front door or even who’s been to your front door when you have been absent.

Today’s intercom systems have grown with the demand for modernisation and connection capabilities , by connecting your intercom to your internet router you will then have worldwide access to answer your front door. But seriously, imagine being able to answer your front door while enjoying the lifestyle around your backyard pool? Something to consider.

So an intercom is simply outside of your budget, then don’t forget about the old fashion door viewer. FRANKsecure have the standard small glass viewer or the oversized viewer so you can stand back from the door to view who’s outside.

It is important to educate children not to simply run for the door and open it whenever the door bell rings. Kids love opening doors to guests. Get a video intercom and they will run for the screen instead of the door. The investment for their safety is a worthwhile investment.

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