What happened?

What happened?

No, not a late night out with a jaded memory, more like what happened when I was away?

Camera systems provide just that solution. I do not describe camera systems as a deterrent to crime, but they are certainly an asset and worthy contributor to home security and safety systems.

Why would I want a camera system?

  • Camera systems are very cool and all of your guest will want to see it in action.
  • Camera systems are useful for when you are home as well as when you are away.
  • A monitor installed in the kitchen will provides hours of viewing pleasure keeping an eye on the kids in the pool, out the front, seeing when guests arrive (amaze them as you open the door before they press the buzzer).
  • Camera systems provide worthwhile footage of attendance of security personnel, trades people, postal/courier deliveries, neighbour dog visits and much more
  • Coordinate the camera system with your alarm system and set-up an alarm verification system so you can view the cameras in an event of an alarm

You will interact with your camera system more than any other security device as it is very visual.

IP technology provides excellent pictures in various megapixel ranges. A good internet connection is necessary should you wish to have remote access.

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