Video Analytics Hospitality

Video Analytics Hospitality

The hospitality industry is faced with some serious responsibility over the care of their patrons including the safety and security of people and their belongings. Hospitality have particular security concerns and video analytics endeavours to minimise the impact of such events by providing real time solutions.

Hospitality Example Analytics

  • Theft prevention system to identify missing objects instantly even in a crowded environment
  • Graffiti and Vandalism detection
  • Perimeter protection to prevent intrusion in restricted areas or after hours
  • Prevent unauthorized access with tailgating and Face Recognition system to heighten people’s access
  • Loitering detection and the use of License Plate Recognition system to heighten security in the car park
  • Detection of suspicious behaviour (e.g. running, skateboarding, loitering, wrong way, man-down, attack)
  • Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tampering or sabotage
  • Better customer services and resource planning with the use of people counting and Queue Management system to understand occupancy and the average waiting time
  • Better car park management with the use of Counting, License Plate Recognition, Tailgating, Parking and Violation Detection systems
  • Efficient Lost and Found process with timely identification for any left or unattended objects


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