Used Safes

Safes are one of our favourite security devices. If you have a good quality safe then you are well on the way to ensuring your valuables will remain in your possession.

Why are used safes such a good buy?

  1. safes rarely deteriorate in their functionality
  2. when looking for a quality safe you will save thousands on the price of an equivalent new safe
  3. in the lower end you will get a safe of much greater strength than the equivalent new safe (eg you’ll get a $45,000 insurable value safe for the same price as a new safe that will only offer you $20,000 insurable value)
  4. the main deterioration we see is the external paint condition, although we have some safes on the floor almost 20yrs old which look absolutely brand new!

With 13 safes on the floor at the time of this posting, you will find safes from small wall safes right up to 6ft banker safes waiting and ready to protect your valuables.

Have a look now by following this link.