Travellers Mini Alarm System

You can have your very own Travellers Mini Alarm System thanks to some amazing DIY security products from FRANKsecure.

Travelling overseas and within our own beautiful Australian borders can present various security risks to your own well being.

Not all hotels and motels provide secure locking doors and how do you know if cleaning staff obey your DO NOT DISTURB sign left hanging on the outside of the door whilst you’re off exploring?

From as little as $127.00 you can have your Travellers Mini Alarm.

For a little more you can even have an alarm that will call your mobile phone when a security breach happens.

Firstly let’s look at the $127.00 system.

You buy 3 items

  1. AC plug Siren / Strobe for $63.00
  2. Remote FOB for $36.00
  3. Door Reed for $28.00