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Wide Angle Security Camera

Wide angle security camera that sees into the night. 30+ metres in fact! Our latest Dahua wide angle lens cameras have an amazing width of view from it’s 180 degree 3 lens unit. Ultra-sharp night vision then creates an awesome and powerful security tool for many… Read more >


uniQcam uniQcam, A standalone CCTV video surveillance solution without the cable. 2 primary model offerings, the Falcon Pro, a colour and black & white camera solution and the Owl Pro, a black & white camera solution. Features both standard and optional include; Infra-red night vision Optional solar… Read more >

I can no longer view my cameras remotely?

I can no longer view my cameras remotely? A very common problem amongst remote viewing smartphone apps connecting to your home or office camera system. When you connect your security camera recording device, DVR/NVR, to your modem router it is assigned an IP address and a… Read more >