Smartphone app alarm system

Smartphone app alarm system

iRISCO, it’s Appsolutely the best

The iRISCO smartphone app, designed to allow full control of your RISCO security system, is a popular choice for home and business owners who love self-monitoring on-the-go. You can also enjoy full management of your smart home from the iRISCO app to control power, lighting, climate control, and more. Picture perfect security is now in your hands with the following main features:

· Conveniently arm and disarm your system – anytime, from any location with adequate internet access.

· In the case of an event, receive real-time notification with video verification (if linked IP cameras are installed)

· Initiate live video ‘look in’ on demand to ensure that your premises are secured.

· Take your home to the next level with smart home technology to enjoy an enhanced level of control and ultimate energy-efficiency – coming shortly mid 2017

FRANKsecure have been installing alarms systems for 20 years and Risco systems for the past 5 years because of their ingenious innovations geared toward the end user experience.

Alarm systems users have always been somewhat mystified as to what is actually happening at their business or home when an alarm system event occurs.

Now with Risco’s simple to use smartphone app the mystery is no longer.

Monitor events as they happen, view imagery via linked IP cameras, take snap shots, control lighting and open doors, arm and disarm various sections of  your security system, all from the palm of your hand.

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