Simple Home Security Remedies

Simple home security remedies doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on complex electronic security systems. Even though FRANKsecure can certainly assist you in designing any level of electronic security system to fit your budget and requirements, still a vast percentage of our daily work is implementing simple security solutions and remedies to make sure you are safe and secure.

Let’s take a walk from the street up to your place…

LetterboxGate LetterboxGate1

Entry Gate and Letterbox

How easy is it for someone to enter your property and access your mail?

Remedy; replace the lock on the letterbox with a more substantial lock that can be keyed to the same key as your front door.

Remedy; if you have a gate be sure to install a good lock, this may also be keyed to your front door key or you can install a digital lock for a keyless entry.

Side Gate

Side Gate & Meter Boxes

A side gate is an excellent feature, it reduces the possibility of someone venturing into your back yard, but have you secured it well? Not only the gate, but what about your electrical meter box that has no lock yet it provides access to switching off the power to your home.

Remedy; A FRANKsecure padlock can be keyed to your front door key for convenience and we have a range of quality padlocks of various size and security features.

Remedy; When the gate leads to the meter box and the box itself, we recommend installing the same quality padlock but keyed to (on the Gold Coast) the Energex Master key so the box is secure and accessible.

Screen door

Screen Door

We love the screen door, properly fitted and secured they allow you to ventilate your place without fear of someone stepping off the street right into your home.

Remedy; Screen Door Shield fitted to fly screens that are not crim-safe stainless mesh. Most screen door locks have the little inside lever which is easy to flick unlocked when you can poke your finger through the flyscreen.

Remedy; replace the keyed cylinder with one that can be keyed to your front door key.

Remedy; replace the hinges with security hinges. Most screen doors swing out and away from the front door (naturally) which means the hinges are exposed for attack. The cheap pin hinges that normally come with the door won’t put up much of a fight. We can install quality Lockwood Stainless Security Pin hinges.


Inside your home

Now moving into the inside of your home;

Remedy; A safe is our number one pick for added security.

Remedy; simple window locks will prevent the opening of windows further than required when away and when you are home wanting the fresh night air whilst sleeping.

Remedy; adjust the rollers on your windows and sliding doors to prevent them being easily lifted up and out of their track. Too many windows are left unadjusted.

Remedy; put locks on cupboards and bedroom doors, particularly those cupboards and rooms that house your high priced items such as computers and where you house the security equipment such as Camera and Alarm Systems.

FRANKsecure have been locksmithing on the Gold Coast for over 50 years and one of the most common suggestions from our seasoned locksmith technicians is to USE YOUR LOCKS. Gone are the days when you should be leaving doors open and unlocked just because you are home. Get into good habits and walk around your home before rushing out the door. Close those small toilet and bathroom windows, key lock the back sliding door and if you do have an alarm, turn it on too. That quick trip to the corner store is all they need to slip in and back out with your prized belongings.

Take Care and Be Safe.

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