Service and Maintenance

Service and maintenance is critical in ensuring your security installation is operational as you expect it should be in the time of need. FRANKsecure provide the Gold Coast with a range and services and maintenance solutions.

Locks and door hardware

Locks and door hardware are not maintenance-free products. There are moving parts that wear, and often locks are subject to pretty harsh treatment be it be people or by the environment. A door may shut, but it may not be deadlatched. Key locks becoming stiff to turn is a sign maintenance is required. Unusual beeps from your digital locks on doors and safes means something has to be looked at. Door closers leaking oil need replacement. Kids + locks = early retirement and replacements before normal end-of-life for locks is normal.

Alarm systems

We find alarm systems to be the most neglected security installation yet the most relied on when a security breach occurs. A regular walk-test is a must, checking all detectors pick-up movement and sirens do their job and that the alarm panel dials to your monitoring base and most importantly the correct contacts are recorded to action an event. Detectors need their lenses cleaned. Sirens are affected by corrosion when outside. Spiders weave their webs in front of detectors and ants love making homes inside detectors.

Camera systems

Set and forget is not an option when it comes to camera systems. Regular checks are important to ensure recordings are happening, camera lenses are clean and still facing the right way as intended, can you make a copy of required events?

Commercial service agreements

FRANKsecure will work with any business, hospital facility, education facility etc. to develop a suitable regular attendance schedule to attend to all your physical and digital security installations. Properly functioning installations can be critical in the commercial arena with Building Code requirements, WH&S compliance and simply good business practice.