Education Facilities

FRANKsecure have identified various specialised solutions specific for Education Facilities.

Education Facilities include;

  • Kindergarten / Childcare
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Tertiary Education
  • University

Security & Safety are not the only factors when designing aspects of a facility’s systems needs.

Compliance has become a vital consideration when implementing both physical and electronic hardware options.

FRANKsecure will provide locking and door hardware solutions to provide;

  • physical security
  • safety compliance
  • accessibility compliance

Hardware considerations;

  • Lock functionality
  • Door hardware compliance, door closers, hinges, signage, egress.
  • Washroom hardware, grab rails, signage, dryers, partition hardware.
  • Linking with Access Control Solutions.

FRANKsecure are Gold Coast’s premier provider for Salto Access Solutions, a formidable and economical solution for any Education Facility.

Electronic Security Solutions do not stop intrusions or stop workplace incidents. But they do play a vital role in the detection, recording and communication of potential intrusion attempts and workplace incidents. The artificial intelligence capabilities of modern security camera systems will provide a facility with far more operating intelligence than simple recollection of past activity.

FRANKsecure will assist in the planning and implementation of a smarter and more effective electronic systems solution for your Education Faciltiy.