Gold Coast Business Security Solutions

FRANKsecure have developed specialised solutions specific for Small Business.

Small Business covers a large variety of business types;

  • Industrial Area Businesses
  • Office based Business
  • Professional Practices
  • Manufacturing & Trade Businesses
  • Retail


FRANKsecure will provide locking and door hardware solutions to provide;

  • physical security
  • safety compliance
  • accessibility compliance

Hardware considerations;

  • Lock functionality
  • Door hardware compliance, door closers, hinges, signage, egress.
  • Washroom hardware, grab rails, signage, dryers, partition hardware.
  • Access Control Solutions.
  • Safes and other secure storage options.

The various business types will encounter different security intrusion threats based on their location and the attributes of those locations.

The security & safety of the business employees should play a significant role in the decision and planning of security systems.

We find the auditing and control of access as one of the most valuable features a small business should consider as many security threats in fact derive from within the business.

Workplace incidents are essential to manage and monitor and your security system can assist in this process.

Electronic Security Solutions do not stop intrusions or stop workplace incidents. But they do play a vital role in the detection, recording and communication of potential intrusion attempts and workplace incidents. The artificial intelligence capabilities of modern security camera systems will provide a facility with far more operating intelligence than simple recollection of past activity.

FRANKsecure will assist in the planning and implementation of a smarter and more effective electronic systems solution for your Business.