Security Dollars for Charity Event

Donate to charity without donating a cent…

How can you support the local homeless youth of the Gold Coast without donating a cent?


Join FRANKsecure on Facebook…

It is not so bad really, we provide lot’s of information on security safety and even post some of the lighter sides of security.

Once you get onto  go to the event Security Dollars for Charity Event join the event and you’ve donated.

Gold Coast Homeless Youth Project 2013

For every attendee (note, you don’t have to go anywhere, just join the event) FRANKsecure will donate Security Dollars to the Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth.

The Security Dollars will be used by the organisation to purchase security products or services.

Homelessness on the Gold Coast is a real tragedy, but to think that so many of our Youth, including young families, are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless is simply despairing.

To read more on the works provided by the organisation go to their website GCPHY website

the small print

  • the event will run for a limited number of days
  • FRANKsecure is not a representative of the Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth or FACEbook
  • there will be a ceiling limit of $2,500 in security dollars per event
  • event starts 4 December 2013 and runs for 10 days through to 14th December 2013
  • a credit voucher to the value of attendees will be presented to the Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth
  • the results will be published on Facebook at the completion of the event