Security Cameras Your Compliance Assistant.

Security Cameras Your Compliance Assistant.

Security Camera Systems are often thought of only for their primary purpose of recording events and the most common thought of reason being for identifying persons and how security breaches occurred.

In today’s business environment compliance has become a major factor in the day-to-day running of the corporation or facility. Compliance to government regulations, to a professional body code of ethics or for insurance purposes. We cannot escape the need to maintain our compliance records.

So what if we need to prove that compliance procedures are being maintained?

One answer is to use your Security Camera System.

Use of your security camera network for compliance adds value and provides a return on investment by substantiating (or not) that the correct procedures are being adhered to by employees when executing critical tasks that demand following compliance procedures.

The following scenarios will demonstrate some the uses of a Security Camera System to provide compliance documentation.

Safe work practices. For instance it may be a requirement that certain procedures are followed before proceeding with the use of particular plant equipment or tools.

A Security Camera System will document that the procedures have been carried out before effectively starting or turning on the plant equipment.

Health Regulations. It may be necessary that employees follow certain personal hygiene procedures before processing of food or for medical procedures, such as washing of hands, fitment of protective clothing (hair nets, gloves etc) which can all be documented by camera.

Recordings can be initiated by employees or the cameras can begin recording when a certain detector is activated in the room where the procedures need to be documented.

Alerts can be notified by the Security Camera System via your Alarm System and directly to the smartphone app of managers needing immediate compliance breaches or actions.