Security back to basics

Taking Security back to basics.


Our current world and it’s product offerings is fantastic, with so many futuristic, internet enabled devices to keep us in touch with¬†absolutely everything in our lives from friends, family, television programming, and even security.

Yes, FRANKsecure has an array of security devices that would fall into the above mentioned categories of futuristic products, and Yes, they are great. Although there are also down-falls of such products, and even though they generally cost more than traditional mechanical products, they are not necessarily any better, and certainly not free from having you to be involved in the ongoing management of the devices.

Alone, these futuristic electronic security devices WILL NOT STOP an intruder from taking your precious stuff.

Take a look at your place and go back to basics.

  1. Do you have solid doors on the external entries to your place? Note, this includes the garage door to the house.
  2. Do you know the whereabouts of all of your house (or business) keys?
  3. have you got your keys locked up at home & work in an easy to access key cabinet or key safe?
  4. In particular for businesses, Have these keys been in the hands of people who could have had them duplicated before departing their employ?
  5. Do you have good exterior lighting?
  6. Do you maintain your locking devices, door locks, padlocks etc?
  7. For all of your small, valuable items, such as jewellery, are they locked away securely? And in an appropriate security safe for the value of the item?
  8. Do you announce to the world when you are going away on social media?
  9. When you do go away and you have alarm monitoring services, Do you ensure the contact list is updated and the monitoring centre informed to update your account notes?
  10. Have you scrimped on the quality of the locks that you have fitted to your solid exterior door?

An electronic security device can “warn” an intruder that their presence has been detected, and an electronic security device can record their presence. But they can’t normal prevent the actual act of removing your property.

A physical presence is required to at least slow down the act of removing your property and this comes down to the construction of the building walls, windows, doors, gates and the locks used to administer the opening of such doors, windows & gates. Then after this it comes down to any additional physical security deterrents you have installed, such as a quality safe or even additional solid doors in the house on cupboards or rooms used to store safes or other valuable items. A solid door with a good lock on the cupboard where an alarm or camera system is housed goes a long way to protecting the electronic security devices you have invested in. (See prior post on securing your security system).

I do understand it is easy for me to preach these principles of security and that it is another thing to actually enact on them, and we hold no one to ransom other than to do our duty and to frequently remind you in the advent that you may get around to maintaing your security basics at some time before it’s too late.

Please do not hesitate in contacting anyone of the FRANKsecure staff members to start the process of better security habits at anytime.