Secure the perimeter

Secure the perimeter

Good security practices entail looking at various strategies to prevent a break & enter or to prevent a home invasion.

What is the perimeter?

The perimeter is the space surrounding your home. Often you will have a fence, not always. You may a gate, but not always. An attack on your property may come from a side of your perimeter that allows an inconspicuous approach, such as bushland.

How do I secure the perimeter?

  • have sturdy fences
  • install a gate with a quality lock
  • install a perimeter alarm system, which can be set whilst you are home, and have a track record of being one of the best deterrents to both break & enters and home invasions
  • install a camera system that provides you visual of the surrounds of your property via a wall mounted monitor
  • install locks on power boxes and other outside structures such as sheds (sheds hold tools to assist a break & enter)

FRANKsecure specialises in perimeter security, we are advocates of arming perimeter alarm zones which have a proven record of “turning away” would-be thieves. Our Risco alarm systems have an excellent selection of wireless external detectors for protecting the perimeter of properties.