Secure your electrical box.

Secure your electrical box.


So you have spent a few thousand dollars on an extensive alarm system, Great!

You have the latest Security Alarm System giving you fantastic pictures and access by the internet, Very Smart!

But have you placed a simple padlock on the electrical box on the outside of your home? This box is an integral component to your security system, No Power = No Security System.

Well at least a limited one for your alarm system, as it would normally have a back-up battery (you have changed this battery in the last 3 years haven’t you?).

FRANKsecure can supply you with an Energex padlock to ensure it is not such a simple task as opening the electrical box and switching off the circuits which in turn switches off your security systems.

It is even possible, and particularly easy with wireless devices, to help protect the electrical box with your alarm system as well as having the physical security of a padlock. You will know when the power company has read your meter if you have it alarmed. Unfortunately┬áthe alarm won’t stop them reading the meter and issuing you with a bill.

Should a padlock not suit your application then FRANKsecure have a number of keyed lock options to suit electrical boxes.

Some properties opt for an Energex keyed lock on their pedestrian gate to provide access for meter readers, but don’t