Schoolies means padlock order time!

Schoolies are at it!

Schools are now in countdown mode for the year end, final exams continuing and students looking forward to a well earned summer break.

Now is the time for school administrators and P&F committees responsible for ordering locker padlocks to get those orders in now!

FRANKsecure proudly supply major brand padlocks for schools with the master key override to prevent unnecessary bolt cutter removal of padlocks with forgotten combinations.


Rite-Fit FC48 series padlocks

$11.25 each when ordering 1-19 padlocks, or

$9.90 each for orders 20+ padlocks.


Abus 78KC50 series padlocks 

$14.95 each, minimum order 12 padlocks

$11.95 each, for multiples over 12 padlocks (eg 24, 36, 48..)


Abus 158series resettable combination padlocks

$23.49 each

$19.10 each for 20+ padlocks



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download pdf version of  flyer  School Locker Padlocks