Salto is made for Schools

Salto is made for Schools.

FRANKsecure would like to introduce you to Salto and how it can assist your security and access requirements in your school facility.

FRANKsecure have been installing access control systems for over 20 years and in recent years we have become Certified Salto Installers.

Certified Salto Installers means we have undergone specific training and testing to obtain certification as Salto technicians.

FRANKsecure recommend and install Salto in over 90% of our access control requests.

Why have Salto access control?

The primary answer is to Control Access to your facility.

  • Manage times when access is granted (keys are 24/7 access)
  • Receive audit reports on access (who was the last person in a storage facility?)
  • Automate the unlocking and locking of doors (automate evening locking of rooms)
  • AMOK provides the “emergency lock-down” function simply and easily
  • “Wire-free” access solutions that reduces installation and product costs significantly
  • “Wire-free” access solutions means costly cabling infrastructure is not required and installation can occur anytime you are ready to upgrade a door to access control
  • Salto enables a cost effective solution for a single door application through to a complete facility solution.
  • Select the model of Salto lock depending on function required to control costs throughout the facility. Salto locks are generally up gradable at anytime.

Why FRANKsecure?

  1. 50 years of quality and professional service. FRANKsecure (or Frank O’Neill Group) have been servicing the Gold Coast security needs since 1966.
  2. FRANKsecure staff are fully trained and competent in Salto.
  3. FRANKsecure have installed over 1,500 Salto locks in schools, hi-rise holiday apartments, TAFE college, businesses and hospitals.
  4. FRANKsecure education installations, 6 schools and 2 TAFE campuses