Software Updates Oct 2017

Salto Access Control software updates

If you are operating with the Salto Access Control SPACE 4 or 3 software then there have been 2 recent updates available for you to download.



ProAccess SPACE 4 ver

New features include;

  • Full HTML5 support, it is now 100% HTML5 compliant (Silverlight has been completely removed) allowing the most commonly used internet browsers (such as Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc).
  • Wandering Intruder. The SALTO ProAccess SPACE software may detect suspicious failed door opening attempts and take actions in consequence (for example, blacklist the key). Can be used in combination of the alarm events in order to trigger actions once the wandering intruder scenario is detected.
  • SHIP. New commands for obtaining binary image of mobile keys to be used by third party apps. This allows to request the binary image of a mobile key granted to staff (available on both SHIP modes). New commands for assigning mobile keys to be sent to the JustIN Mobile app. The SHIP protocol includes new commands by means of which it is possible to assign mobile keys (for the “JustIN Mobile” app) (available on both SHIP modes). SAM codes through SHIP. A new SHIP command allows updating SAM data for Mifare and Desfire cards.
  • PPD multiple calendars. Possibility to download on the PPD more than one calendar at a time. Columns in entity list screens can be swapped and their position memorised. It is possible to change the position of columns in some entity list screens. The new positions are persisted and memorised so that the same layout is kept the next time the window is opened.
  • Automatic assignment of keys for multiple technologies (MiFare Classic & DESFire). So far, only one card technology was supported for automatic assignment of keys (except when the card’s serial number was used to bind to the corresponding used). Now, it is possible choose more than one card technology.
  • Webcan support in Salto ProAccess SPACE software. The SALTO ProAccess SPACE software frontend (browser) now supports webcam so that it is possible to take a photo and upload it to a cardholder’s profile.
  • Reset limited occupancy areas in monitoring. It is possible to reset all the counters within a limited occupancy area in one step (instead of one a time).
  • Audit trail filtering and reports:improve performance. The algorithm for filtering out audit trail events has been optimised and the process time significantly made shorter.
  • Print check-in group. This functionality allows to print out the details of a selected checkin group.
  • Salto ProAccess SPACE software frontend. Enhanced multiselection of rows in gridlike windows. In the gridlike views (e.g., list of doors, list of staff users, etc) checkboxes accompanies each row. This makes it easier to select several rows (even across several pages) and execute the same action on them (such as printing, deletions, etc).
  • Support for iClass PAC number in the CUADAP settings. The SALTO ProAccess SPACE software allows to select iClass PAC number when configuring the CUADAP functionality within the CU42xx node.
  • Enhanced “when” settings in the alarm event trigger for audit trail events. The “when” settings in the alarm event trigger for audit trail events now include both the “day of week” and the day type features. This allows a more fine-tuned filtering of events.
  • Enhanced user experience concerning locations/functions in the frontend. Management of the locations/functions feature in the frontend has been improved.

ProAccess SPACE 3 ver. Hotel version.

New features implemented with this update;

  • XS4 Controller updating mode. The CU4000 is now able to work in updating mode.
  • Duress Mode. if a user is forced to open a door with PIN under threat, he will be able to type a special code that will trigger a silent alarm.
  • Usability (UX) enhanced in certain web pages of ProAccess SPACE.
  • Blocking reader mode. Thanks to the new “blocking reader” function and by means of a specific input of the CU4000 it is now possible to enable or disable a reader allowing to setup a “man trap” or a “lock gates” in installations that require it.
  • Exit Leaves Open with Keypad. A new opening mode is available on the locks with keypad: “Exit Leaves Open with Keypad”. Additionally the PIN can be defined to override the privacy or not.
  • Electronic Privacy mode for door controllers. Similarly to the escutcheons, the CU42E0 permits now the use of electronic privacy allowing access only to the Users that have “override privacy” permission.
  • Password policy for operators. Password policy for operators is been implemented. As an option, installations that demand a higher security regarding their operator’s password can now enforce a stronger policy in this respect (minimum length, special characters…).New installations will have this option activated by defect, whereas upgraded system will maintain the previous policy to ensure backwards compatibility.
  • Lockout for operator accounts. If too many login attempts are detected in a brief period of time (customizable period), the ProAccess SPACE software will temporarily lockout the account of the corresponding operator to avoid password guessing attacks or will bloc the account until the administrator resets it (customizable).
  • Enhanced session management. Session management is also done server-side rather than only client-side. This makes the interactions between browsers and the server more robust and secure.
  • DBSync & staging table tools: import limited occupancy group for users. When it comes to import/update users through the DBSync or staging table tools, SALTO ProAccess SPACE allows now to import also the limited occupancy groups the user belongs to.
  • Export authorisation codes for users. When exporting users into a CSV file, the authorization codes may be also included.
  • Support for banning operation against users. Both the DBSync and staging table tools can be used for banning (and unbanning) users.
  • ProAccess SPACE frontend. All hotel menus and dialogs are now supported in HTML5. (such as checkin, checkout, etc…) allowing the use of any web browser.
  • Alarm Management System. SPACE 3.0 allows to define Triggers that can perform Actions. Triggers: SALTO allows to choose between alarm inputs sent by third parties into theXS4 2.0 controller (CU42E0) or also SALTO audit trail events, Actions you can choose between sending an email, performing a lockdown or activating an output. Ie: an access granted or rejected can trigger an email. Or a fire alarm panel output can trigger a lockdown.
  • Alarm input triggers lockdown area. t is possible to set up trigger alarms through the CU42EB8 inputs and get the notifications by email directly through SALTO ProAccess SPACE software.
  • Door openings audited on mobile apps & sent back to Salto ProAccess SPACE data base. The “JustIN Mobile” app can now send the opening events back to the SW. Which means that you can benefit of real time audit trail even with offline BLE locks.