Remotes Gold Coast Smooth Operator

Remotes Gold Coast Smooth Operator

Remotes Gold Coast. Smooth Operator is what we call our latest cloning remote.

Features of this amazing little remote device;

  • Face to Face universal garage remote. Clones existing working remotes.
  • Capable of cloning a large range of Fixed & Rolling Code remotes.
  • Each of the 4 buttons can be programmed with a different remote and of various frequencies between 280 to 879 Mhz
  • 6 colours available
  • price current at February 2019 is $31.80 inc gst
  • some of the brands capable of being cloned include, ATA, BFT, Centurion, Ditec, FAAC, Chamberlain Merlin, MHouse and many others.
  • our product code RK-F2F-1

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Have you moved house?

Moved into a new house or apartment? Got your set of keys and a remote for the garage door, but how many other people have a copy?

Call FRANKsecure and we will come out to not only re-key the front entry door to a new key but also reprogram the garage or gate motor to exclude all prior-existing remotes.

Be safe, Be secure Be FRANKsecure !

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