Second Hand Safes offer excellent value for your money.

Other than a few bumps and scratches, there’s not a lot that can wrong with an ageing safe, yet you will pick up a safe of far higher security level than for the same money on a new safe.

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Multi-Storage Safe

$1,100.00 inc gst

Safe style: steel plate

Locking: High Security BiLock

Height_Width_Depth: 940 x 755 x 150 mm

Weight: approx 300kg

Comments: 8 separate locking compartments, original use was for pistol holdings but could be utilised for a variety of  secure box holdings in a business or club


Chubb safe

$1,500.00 inc gst

Safe style: business grade concrete filled walls & door

Locking: Dial combination + key

Height_Width_Depth: 720 x 670 x 670 mm

Weight: approx 600kg

Comments: high security rating suit cash holdings, jewellery, bullion etc Insurable value est.$50,000+

Chubb data safe

$270.00 inc gst

Safe style: data fire cabinet

Locking: Letterbox key

Height_Width_Depth: 700 x 495 x 640 mm

Weight: approx 130kg

Comments: low security cabinet purely for fire protection of data storage tapes/CDs etc or anything you wish to keep from burning. High fire protection than standard fire cabinets. Nil insurable value.


$2,200.00 inc gst

Safe style: concrete mix filled walls, steel plate door with bolt work

Locking: dial combination and key lock

Height_Width_Depth: 1040 x 700 x 870 mm

Weight: approx 550kg

Comments: medium security safe offering large storage capacity. Suit cash till drawers.