Home and Business Safes Gold Coast

At FRANKsecure we love safes. Buy a good quality home and business safes and you will have excellent service for a very long time.

There are many types of safes, both regular use and special use designs. Our catalogue links below will show you a good number of safes but if you don’t see what you are after simply get in contact and we will provide you the relevant information and pricing. FRANKsecure will sell Burg Wachter

Choosing a safe

Choosing a safe for your home or business can be a challenging process.

To help you in your decision take a moment and write down a few points based on the following;

  1. What do you want to secure?
    1. Size matters for this question, in particular the size configuration,
    2. Internal width, height and depth requirements (don’t forget the inside dimensions can be quite smaller than the outside, all depending on the security level of the safe. More secure safes have thicker walls and doors which use up your internal space.
    3. FRANKsecure tip; get a safe larger than you first anticipate, you’ll fill it in no time.
  2. Value of the contents. You will hear us talk about insurable value of a safe. This indicates what an insurance company may insure the cash contents of the safe in an unsupported situation. Unsupported generally refers to no alarm system or special security requirements. Insurable value of a safe also indicates how secure the safe is as it means that it will take longer for a theif to break into a safe the higher the insurable value.
  3. Where do you place the safe?
    1. Our advice is to put the safe in a place where you will use it.
    2. Don’t hide the safe in an awkward place unless you don’t want to access the contents for long periods of time.
    3. The more convenient the more likely you will use it. Use your safe daily. Lock away wallets, ipads, jewellery, keys, especially spare car keys.
    4. FRANKsecure strongly recommend a digital safe lock (a good quality one) as again it simplifies the opening of your safe and quickly.
  4. Get 2 safes.
    1. Get a secure safe for your valuables.
    2. Get a handy safe to put your laptops, ipads, ipods, etc in before you leave for the day.
    3. Get a key safe to put in your kitchen pantry cupboard and practice locking your keys away as soon as you arrive home. Once in the habit you will find your keys more often as they will be in the key cabinet (from under $80.00)


What we do


  1. Sell new & used safes. Visit our showroom at 53 Newheath Drive, Arundel Q.4214
  2. Install safes.
  3. Re-locate safes.
  4. Service safes.
  5. Digital Lock upgrades. Upgrade from a dial combination lock to a modern digital lock, far more economical than upgrading the safe.
  6. Open safes.