Physical Solutions will work to protect you and your valuables

The first step toward securing you, your family and your possessions is to implement Physical Solutions that will form the physical barrier and deterrent to ward off threats.

Physical Solutions should be of good quality by recognised manufacturers and installed by qualified persons all capable of support and service in years to come.

Your physical solutions will likely encompass more than the product and services FRANKsecure can provide, but in many instances we will assist and compliment the barriers with our security locks, keys & safes.

Physical Solutions may include;

  • Gates and fences
  • Doors and Door Frames (it is critical to have strong, supportive doors &  frames to enable security locks and hardware to be fit securely and remain securely intact when under duress)
  • Walls (we see many “secure rooms” with simple plasterboard walls), external and internal
  • Glass and Glazing fixings (is the beading easy to remove and displace the entire window?)
  • Locks and Door Hardware
  • Safes and Secure Doors
  • Security screens
  • Master key systems that are in fact difficult to copy, pick or bump.

Locks & Keys

Frank O’Neill Locksmiths started in 1966 and it was all about locks. After 50 years and the intervention of electronic security we find locks still the integral component of any security system.

Today, FRANKsecure continues our heritage in locks, servicing and installing locks and complimenting door hardware for domestic and commercial applications.

Keys are critical in the overall security level of any lock, providing protection against unathorised duplication and picking or bumping the lock open.

View the catalogue for various locking options FRANKsecure can provide


Door Hardware

The overall operation of a door is made possible by the door hardware;

  • locks
  • hinges / pivots
  • closers / operators
  • exit devices
  • door stops
  • threshold plates and protective plates
  • signage, numerals
  • bolts

View the catalogue for various door hardware options FRANKsecure can provide



Even with quality locks and electronic security systems if you have small valuable items there is no better protection than to place them inside a good quality safe.

Although most safes look very much the same from the outside there is a world of difference once you get inside the manufacturing of safes.

A simple rule of thumb in safes is you really do get what you pay for. Do not expect a good level of security in a safe purchased from a hardware store for a price under that of a cash box.

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