Overhead Door Stop

Overhead Door Stop




Have you a situation where it is simply impractical to fit a standard door stop to the floor or skirting?

Hinged doors to bedrooms and laundry’s often open directly onto sliding cupboard doors, and you cannot simply place a floor mounted door stop in front of the sliding doors without it becoming a tripping hazard, or at the least a toe-stubbing hazard. And because the hinge door is the same height normally as the sliding door nor can you install the stop on the top of the door as it hits the sliding door.

Another common place where it is difficult to install door stops is to doors that open from the home into a garage where the floor is a complete step-down from the level of the house slab. Here the door completely swings over the top of any floor mounted stop and once again it is not ideal for a door mounted stop to hit the plasterboard walls as eventually a hole is driven through the wall by the stop.

The overhead door stop is the solution, it is easy to install and solves the issues of such doors mentioned above that still require to have a door stop.