New Safe Stock Has Arrived

New Financial Year has begun and our Safe Stock has arrived to kick start the “Year”.

The showroom has new arrivals of the ever popular Burg Wachter Combiline series as well as new Secuguard series of steel plate safes.

A safe needs to be secure. We cannot stress strongly enough that in the world of safes you truly get what you pay for. When you safes in the hardware store that are cheaper than the cash box on the shelf next to it then you really should start thinking about how secure that safe really is.

FRANKsecure understand that on the surface most safes look the same, but nothing can be further from the truth.

A few hints to look at when looking for a safe to secure your valuables;

  • The weight of the safe. The heavier the safe the more steel content it has to provide more security. So when you see 2 safes of a similar size and the weights are vastly different, I’d suggest going for the heavier safe to secure your contents.
  • The lock itself. When an entire safe is cheaper than a quality safe lock I then also question the suitability of the cheaper safe.
  • A safe with a key-override is a safe with compromised security. It may sound convenient to have a key-override for a digital locking safe but you will find this feature is on safes with cheap digital locks that may tend to fail more than a quality digital safe lock.
  • Buy a safe to fit your contents than add space. You will fill your safe with more than you think.

We also have a range of quality used safes, so venture to our showroom in Arundel and allow our professional staff to assist you in your safe purchasing requirements.