My DVR is not recording, call FRANKsecure!

When is the last time you have checked that your Security Camera System is actually working and recording?

I’ll bet that many have never looked at their security DVR since it was installed.

You would have invested a fair dollar to purchase and install your security cameras so be sure to check the system that it is still operating as you expect it to.

FRANKsecure encourages all their clients to “play” with your Security Camera System as much as possible. Get to know how it works, and what to do when you need to review the footage it records.

A DVR can stop recording for a number of reasons, and one of the most common is from power fluctuations, be it surges or brown-outs (when the power drops but not to black-out stage), and now that summer and storm season is looming upon us, these type of incidents are more regular. The DVR may still be showing you picture on the screen, but the recording or other programmed functions can “jam”.

One way to reset the DVR is to power down the unit, let it sit for a few minutes, then power back up.

Other seasonal maintenance chores should be cleaning camera lenses and to actually refocus cameras. Cameras can lose their focus simply from building vibrations.

And of course, FRANKsecure is always available to send one their trusted technicians to perform these checks for you.

Stay Safe, Be Secure, Be Prepared.