FRANKsecure have tackled the emerging technology of megapixel cameras and finding success in;

1. improved quality of picture recordings, and

2. client statisfaction


YES ! megapixel cameras cost more… BUT you do need to weigh up what is the result when you need the pictures from your security camera recordings…

Without using technology jargon (or as little as possible) we try to explain our experiences with selecting cameras and finding client satisfaction.

It is difficult to convince a customer to pay for higher priced and quality cameras when they can see cheap camera production on a screen that looks very similar to dearer camera outputs … and that is because in good lighting conditions on a screen with controlled visual output it is true to say that it may be difficult to justify the price differential… BUT YOU NEED TO STOP RIGHT THERE…

There is a huge difference in the recorded imagery;

1. the quality of the recorded image is generally very different to you viewing a live image,

2. the quality of the recorded image is no different to your images captured on a digital camera, the quality and in particular the ability to enlarge an image is all based on the number of pixels recorded, was it standard or high definition, how many pictures per second where recorded to create the moving images of video, etc

3. what is the quality of the image when more difficult lighting environments occur, especially for external cameras, and that’s where the quality of the processors onboard the camera come into play… do the cameras use artificial lighting such as white light LEDs, are the cameras a true day/night camera (converting to black & white from colour as light levels fall) etc  We find that white light LEDs are not so successful in obtaining good recording due to “flare” as the subject gets closer to the camera, the limited usefulness of the LEDs with regard to the distance they cover, the decreasing light output of the LEDs over time, the amount of insects they attract and subsequent false movement recordings.

We would consider a primary benefit of investing in a megapixel camera to compliment your security camera system to be the Depth of Field capabilities megapixel cameras generally provide,  with more pixels per picture you can in effect reduce the quantity of cameras required to monitor an area due to their increased ability of a single camera to record a general view and be able to zoom in and still retain a quality image from the recordings.

A few factors need to be considered when introducing megapixel cameras, such as storage of images (if recording high quality images it will utilise more storage space on your SD card or DVR recorder), ability to stream images relies on your internet connections and of course the higher the image size the slower it will travel across the internet.

All in all, we are finding the positives of megapixel cameras to be an overall benefit to our clients and of course the number of available cameras have brought the pricing donw considerably from their first introduction a few short years ago.