Man Cave Security


Man Cave Security _ what you need to know.

The advent of the Man Cave is upon us. We certainly have more toys than we can store at home, so why not invest in a Man Cave. It’s a great idea.

Man Cave’s can be used for many things;

  • storing the weekend camper trailer, caravan or motorhome,
  • setting up the ultimate games room for a solitary getaway or for hosting a few mates on the weekend without distrubing the neighbours,
  • the ultimate workshop certainly requires more space than the conventional home garage

All reasons lead to owning a Man Cave mini-industrial warehouse.

Don’t leave all of your security up to the site management, there are plenty of opportunities to get into your Cave that are out of the control of management.

Install a FRANKsecure wireless Alarm System that reports directly to your smartphone. Add a wireless camera and you’ll get images of any intrusion event also to the same smartphone app.

Add some wireless automation to your lighting, fish tank systems and more, and yes, right to the same smartphone app.

Show-off your place to mates with live vision from your phone.

Monitor the temperature in your wine storage device or home brew system. There’s so much more to our system than pure security, it is a smart investment for your investment.

Look at some of our offerings then be sure to make contact with the Gold Coast’s most respected security firm, 50 years and counting.

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