Locked and Armed

Locked and Armed

Alarm systems are an excellent deterrent to break & enter attempts. Any system that notifies an intruder that they have been detected will greatly lessen the time that intruder will stay. If that system can notify an intruder before they in fact break & enter the property then the likely likelihood is the intruder won’t proceed and will depart.

Another blog discusses the idea of perimeter security and how alarms play a large role in this security tactic for both security & safety.

Alarm systems are used extensively for safety and liberation. When set-up as an assisted-living system an alarm system can increase the time an elderly person can stay safely at their own home by providing various medical and safety watch alerts to family and friends should they have a fall or need assistance.

FRANKsecure recommends to Lock doors and Arm alarms when you are home. Be safe in your own home, day and night.

Stay at home mums will benefit immensely by utilising perimeter armed areas, improving their safety when alone between the school and work hours. Be Aware and Be Safe!

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