Lock your door!

Lock your door !

Securing your home starts with the basics… lock your door. Too many times you will hear stories of break & enters that did not entail much breaking-in.

It is easy to see how it all starts, especially with the morning rush out the door. Who really has time to walk around the whole house checking that all doors (and windows) are shut and locked? Really, we all should take the time. What is the old saying… “Prevention is better than the cure”. This stands true for preventing break & enters. At least make it difficult for a thief and you may find they will move onto the next house if they have to make an effort to get in.

What to lock your door with?

  • quality locks make a difference
  • if within your budget, install mortice locks for better strength and longevity in product life, you can also update your lever handles without replacing the lock
  • also if within your budget install a registered key system, they are much harder for a thief to “bump” or pick and you are safe in the knowledge that no one but you can authorise the cutting of new keys, very handy when you have trades people requiring access
  • lock your screen doors with pin tumbler cylinders
  • don’t rely on crim-safe screen doors as your primary security door, we believe in the value of crim-safe doors and windows as a means of safety when you are home and wishing to have fresh air, but don’t rely on them to stop thieves from smashing the fixed window pane for entry when you are away (see perimeter alarm system blog for solutions)
  • don’t have crim-safe? then install a screen protector to prevent fingers pressing through the screen to access the inside snib, we can install them for $15.00 when performing other works
  • FRANKsecure have an array of options for providing electronic door locking should you wish to modernise your home security, these can often be operated via smartphone apps
  • rekey your house locks when moving into a new home, be it a rental or owned home
  • reset the garage door remotes by clearing the memory of the garage or gate receiver then reprogramming the remotes back in, this way only those remotes in your possession will be programmed to open your door

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