Break-ins are rampant on the Gold Coast (and indeed Australia wide) and one of the common items stolen, and in fact targeted are YOUR KEYS !

All of us have been sinners in relation to the security of our keys, we come home, plonk our set of keys either on the table next to the front door, or on the kitchen bench.

Those set of keys will generally include access to;

1. Your Home

2. Your Vehicle

3. Your Work place

4. Your Post Office Box

and probably a whole lot more… remote buttons for your alarm or garage etc

Take a simple and proactive step to secure your keys, from approx $120.00 you can obtain a 30 key capacity digital (ie keyless) key cabinet, secure it to the wall in a convenient place and practice getting into the habit of locking your keys away each time you come home.

In fact after a little time when you are in the habit you’ll find the incidence of “not knowing where your keys are”, reduce significantly because they are securely housed in your key cabinet with quick and easy access via the digital code pad (no batteries by the way!)