Letterbox Security Gold Coast

Letterbox Security Gold Coast. FRANKsecure are aware and sympathise with anyone who have suffered losses due to letterbox theft. No ! Not theft of the actual Letterbox but of the contents in the letterbox.

You know how there is the continual talk and chatter about the newest and fastest growing crime …. Identity Theft … and you become a little like the ostrich because you don’t know how to protect yourself online?

Well what we do is help you prevent and stop the most common form of identity theft that is happening each and every day.

In fact it has nothing to do with protecting you online on your smartphone, ipad or computer. We secure your letterbox !

extract from Queensland Police public announcements website October 25th 2018

Letterbox Security Gold Coast.

We do not require you to replace letterboxes.

Our product range enable us to provide various layers of security that will enhance and protect what is of the most value to each and every one of us… Your Identity.

Depending on the physical logistics of the letterbox(es) FRANKsecure will be able to provide economical and extremely effective resolutions to the new and fast growing problem of letterbox theft. What many people do not realise is that it is right there in your letterbox where the majority of information is taken/stolen that then enables the online predators to crack into your online systems and accounts. It all starts in the humble Letterbox.

It is time to re-think the value of service that your letterbox provides you in the fight against Cyber Crime.

How FRANKsecure can help you.

  • High Security Letterbox Locks.
  • Digital Letterbox Locks.
  • Access Control to Letterbox Foyers.
  • CCTV and Alarm notifications specific to Letterbox locations.
  • Solar powered street lighting to improve physical security to Letterbox locations.

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