Key Security What is the true value of a key?

Key Security… so what is the value of a key? $4.00? $7.00? …$20.00 maybe?

In reality a simple key represents the value of the entire contents of your property.

And in the case of a entire complex the value could be in the hundreds of thousands.

Don’t leave your keys lying around, lock them away in a key cabinet. (see our section of keycabinets)

Would you give out the PIN to your bank card? Unlikely!

Likewise don’t give out your keys to just anyone, they are the PIN to your material belongings.

In the past 18 months FRANKsecure have re-keyed numerous large establishments due to Master Keys being lost or stolen. In one incident the premises came under attack from the new holders of the Master Keys stealing from residents vehicles in the once secured car park. The type of establishments included schools and residential complexes.

The same vigilance should be practised for your own residential home. For some strange reason, just because we engage tradespeople to perform works on our property we also entrust them with the entire value of our home contents by providing them with a key.

How many of you still leave a spare key “hidden” outside without installing a secured box to help protect the key from getting into the wrong hands.

Moved into a new house or apartment? Did you have the locks changed to ensure that prior tenants or real estate agents don’t still have access to your new abode?

FRANKsecure have attended a number of re-key jobs for new home owners because they found the previous owner gaining access with a spare key they kept, thinking they still had access rights (the mind is a funny creature, prior owners may have been in their home for many years and still feel a sense of ownership after selling their loved asset).

The garage door is another prime opening often neglected. It is easy to clear the memory of the motor and to then re-enrol your remotes so that they are the only remotes programmed to open your garage. Of course FRANKsecure have a range of remotes available for garage and gate motors.

Be vigilant, be secure, be safe. Value your key, and look after it. Secure your keys when not in your possession.