JY Registered Key Systems

JY Registered Key Systems

JY Registered Key Systems are currently our most widely utilised key system for business applications.

A well priced key system offering multiple key head colour options and an extremely tight key profile that makes it extremely¬†difficult to pick. Should keep those pesky key bumpers at bay for a while if you can’t budget for the high security Bilock key systems.


12 key head colours available Red_Blue_Black_Green_Silver_Yellow_Reflex Blue_Orange_ Fluoro Green_ Purple_White_Coffee


Suggested applications:

Rental Properties; Landlords can achieve 2 primary objectives, 1.Prevent angst at the end of a lease by having a registered key system implemented and written in as part of the agreement that should the tenant not be able to return the allotted keys during the tenancy then the stated amount (a value that can be provided as a quote from FRANKsecure) shall be deducted from the Bond to enable the re-keying and securing of the property for the next tenant. 2. Provide a proven secure environment for tenants since records are maintained as to the quantity of keys manufactured for each key system a landlord can verify that the only keys in existence are those provided to the tenant for their sole use. The keys cannot be reproduced by any provider other than FRANKsecure and only when the correct authorised signatory is provided.

Building sites: Builders can manage their site access with registered key systems easily. With coloured key heads project managers will know who has the correct access to site gates and tool boxes etc. Sites may be run under one colour whilst another site under a different colour. Padlocks and locks can be changed at various stages of the building progress in order to lock-out early trades once a lock-up stage has been reached. It may even be budgeted into the project to provide the end user with a registered key system at hand-over. this will value-add to the end result, a certificate provided by FRANKsecure can confirm the exact number of keys issued are the only ones cut, and the new home or business owner now has a quality, security key control system in place from day-one, and no fear of prior trades possibly having keys on a key-alike group (often the case with glazier company supplied locks).

Business properties: Key issue security is always an issue when employees are invloved. Simply put, if a registered key system is not utilised then a business owner will never know if duplicate keys have been cut at any hardware store and distributed to the “wrong” people.


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