iRisco update 2018

 iRisco update 2018 is about security

All Risco alarm users who utilise the smartphone app will be required to update certain details in order to continue using the Risco Cloud service.

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The first thing that will happen is your iRisco app will automatically update to the newest version 5.

  • Without exception you will have to complete the account details verification process.
  • Your current UserName will need to become an email address.
  • You will be required to update details such as; full name, phone number, full address including country.
  • If not already in place, you will also need to update your Password to one that is of a min 8 characters, and include each of the following; an Upper Case letter, a Lower Case letter, a Number, a Special Character.
  • We will be able to merge all of your Risco alarm sites into the same account (feel free to contact us for further assistance if the process doesn’t go to plan).
  • Your first login will be using your old userName and you will be prompted to add an email (Email Verification). Be sure you have access to open that email account shortly after doing this step.
  • Once this has been verified you will be able to move on to completing/verifying the other required details.
  • Your account will then become Verified.

We are here to assist those with multiple Risco alarm sites, call 5588 0100 during business hours Mon-Fri and we will do our best to get up online and functional with the new iRisco.