Installing an inground safe

Installing an inground safe


The hole in the ground

  • It is recommended to provide a hole 100mm wider and deeper than the external dimensions of the safe.
  • So a safe 350 x 350 mm square and 390 deep should have a hole 550 x 550 square and 590 deep.

The concrete mix

  • use a strong mix concrete
  • 1 part sand – 1 part stone – 1 part cement
  • have the pour level to the top of the sand but allow for the lid in case it overlaps the top of your safe
  • remove the door from the safe whilst the concrete is drying

Inground safes are not waterproof

  • in damp areas it is recommended to add a waterproofing agent to the concrete mix
  • eg Silasec or Yurite, both generally available at hardware stores,
  • refer to the product instructions for amount required for the volume of concrete being used