I can no longer view my cameras remotely?

I can no longer view my cameras remotely?

A very common problem amongst remote viewing smartphone apps connecting to your home or office camera system.

When you connect your security camera recording device, DVR/NVR, to your modem router it is assigned an IP address and a Port which when input into the browser of your mobile device and or app, allows you connectivity to the DVR/NVR for offsite viewing.

Many modem router devices service providers do not provide a static IP address.

What does this mean?

Basically any time the modem router resets (eg power outage) it is assigned a new IP address. When this happens your prior address used to access your DVR/NVR is no longer valid.

Two solutions are open for you to pursue;

  1. Log into your modem router to obtain the new IP address and then update your mobile device app, or
  2. Obtain a Dynamic DNS

FRANKsecure offer this service free-of charge to our clients.

Otherwise you can organise your own and often for free or for minimal cost. But do not be conned by some security providers who charge an annual fee.

One of the free services is http://www.noip.com/free

Another helpful hint from the team at FRANKsecure.