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Protecting your valuables from theft is as easy as placing them into a quality safe. The difficulty lies in developing the habit of placing your items into your safe.

FRANKsecure have a variety of safes suitable for home and office on display and ready to install, view the range at our Arundel Showroom, 53 Newheath Drive.

When you are on a budget you may be lured toward choosing an inexpensive, light weight safe from the local hardware store. From a security point of view these are not a good investment choice should you wish to protect your valuables. We have checked the specifications on a range of hardware safes and the predominate differences between them and our home / office safes are;

  1. Weight. The equivalent sized hardware store safes are up to one third of the weight of our solid steel safes. That means one third less steel, and it is usually in the thickness of the steel walls and door.
  2. Lock mechanism. Most hardware store safes have cheaper digital locks or key locks. Generally the digital locking mechanisms have a key-override option which is otherwise a compromise in the overall security of the safe by the provision of a secondary opening method and can suggest the manufacturer doesn’t have faith in their digital locks.

Secuguard Steel Plate Home Safes

A premium steel plate home safe offering higher protection and security features over many standard home/office safes, prices from $460.00

3 models

AP-252EP digital lock safe 250 H x 350 W x 250 D mm _ 27kg _ 12L capacity

AP-302EP digital lock safe  _ 300 H x 380 W x 300 D mm _ 35kg _ 34L capacity

AP-552EP digital lock safe  _  550 H x 450 W x 360 D mm _ 71kg _ 55L capacity

  • 8mm steel plate door,
  • 6mm steel plate body,
  • digital lock UL listed lock mounted on drill resistant plate
  • relocking device,
  • master + 1 user code
  • concealed internal hinges
  • torque limiting clutched handle
  • 25mm boltwork

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