Is your home ready for the holiday season?

Is your home ready for the holiday season?

It is October 2016 and we can now say “We are only weeks away from Christmas”. That is a scary prospect on many fronts, presents to buy, holidays to confirm, school functions, work functions, fix the pool pump, and the list unfortunately simply grows from here on.

So I ask again, “Is your home ready for the holiday season”? Of course I mean is your home security ready? Now is the time to start thinking about your security either in installaing new security systems or look at your existing systems and check that everything is in order.

In conjunction with the regular holiday season mayhem we see an increase in criminal activity, and it has already begun.

What can you do to prepare?

  1. If you are looking at installing new security systems, cameras, alarms, locks, safes, etc then start talking to us NOW. Don’t wait for a couple of weeks before your Christmas break starts as we will be either booked out or can’t get your equipment in stock in time.
  2. If you have security systems in place (well done), then start testing them thoroughly (see below for some suggestions).

Alarm Systems;

  • If you haven’t replaced the system battery for 2 or more years then do so. Our batteries that suit most alarm systems are $25.00. Add $50.00 if you need us to call out and fit it for you.
  • Walk test your alarm system. Fully arm the system and walk test each detector to make sure they are still detecting as you expect them to, and the sirens are sounding as you expect them to.
  • Check that you have the instructions to perform simple operations that become very useful in the event of urgency and when technicians aren’t readily available during the holiday season.
  • Check that you can perform these functions; eg
    • change user codes,
    • add user codes,
    • bypass a faulty detector,
    • acknowledge system faults (these often occur in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep, so you want to know how to silence your system).
  • If you are monitored back-to-base make sure your instructions are current and the contact phone numbers are too.
  • Clean the lenses of the detectors, dust settles on the lens and reduces the capabilities of the detector.
  • Add perimeter detectors and stop potential threats BEFORE THEY BREAK-IN

Camera Systems;

  • Is your system still recording? Many camera system owners never check and there are many instances where their system has stopped recording.
  • Can you review footage on your system, and can you back-up events to a CD or USB?
  • Clean the lenses of the cameras, remove spider webs and dust.

Locks, Keys, Safes;

  • Can you lock your spare keys away? If not get a small key cabinet or safe.
  • Can you lock your valuables in a safe? Safes are one of the best forms of security, get a good quality safe, let it do it’s job and you’ll keep your valuables in your possession.
  • Who has keys to your place? Re-key your external doors if you are renting or have recently purchased your home.
  • Who has remotes to your garage/gate? Same as your keys, “re-key” your motor by clearing¬†the memory of the receiver and then reinstating the ones you have possession of.
  • Do you have quality locks on the external doors? Opportunist thieves don’t break windows.
  • Lock your car doors. There are gangs of youths who simply wander the streets flicking door handles until they find one open. And they find plenty.

FRANKsecure can come to you or you can visit our Showroom. Prepare yourself and have peace of mind this holiday season.

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