Home Automation by FRANKsecure

Home Automation by FRANKsecure

FRANKsecure have become certified designers and a member of the Z-Wave Alliance.

The Internet of Everything has arrived and Z-Wave technology is at the forefront of providing you EVERYTHING you need for residential and light commercial applications for smart home solutions, security, energy management, hospitality, office automation.

Home automation has been a natural progression for FRANKsecure. Installing alarm and security camera systems in homes for 20 years and with the advent of the internet we have already implemented various levels of automation through our smart alarm systems turning on lights and opening doors & gates. Recently we have been able to provide smartphone apps for our alarm and camera systems which we can now extend to Intelligent Home Automation.



So you are driving home and about 35min from arriving at your driveway, the sun is starting to set and you are thinking about what’s for dinner.

At home your Home Automation system has already sensed a drop in light intensity and has turned on your garden lighting for ambient lighting around your home ( a nice visual and safety feature), the system has also noted a drop in outside temperature to below 15 degrees C and has turned on the inside heating so that you arrive to a pleasant 22 degrees inside the home.

Upon arrival and opening the vehicle gate, your Home Automation system increases the brightness of your garden lighting, opens the garage door and turns on the garage light. After you close the garage door the Co2 sensor in the garage performs a quick safety check and if the level of Co2 is higher than desired it will turn on the exhaust fan to extract the gas.

It is approaching 6pm and after you disarm the alarm the TV automatically turns to your favourite evening channel, the kitchen and living room lights are now on and the sensors throughout the house are ready to turn on lights as you need them as you walk about room to room. The swimming pool lights are turned on and when the time click over to electricity night tariff rate the pool pump and garden watering system set into action.

Your neighbour has come around to join you in the after dinner TV entertainment, so after speaking to him on your Intercom via your smartphone, you let him in through the gate. As you do this the garden sprinkler system turns off and the garden lighting brightens to provide safe access to your door.

At 11pm your system does a quick security check and turns on the outside perimeter security detectors so you can sleep peacefully in a secure environment.

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