Security back to basics

Taking Security back to basics.   Our current world and it’s product offerings is fantastic, with so many futuristic, internet enabled devices to keep us in touch with absolutely everything in our lives from friends, family, television programming, and even security. Yes, FRANKsecure has an array… Read more >

Alarm System Faults

My alarm code pad is beeping at me… what do I do? Alarm systems are relatively good at self-monitoring fault conditions and will advise you of a fault normally via the code pad beeping once every minute (this can be rather annoying when it happens… Read more >

Overhead Door Stop

Overhead Door Stop     Have you a situation where it is simply impractical to fit a standard door stop to the floor or skirting? Hinged doors to bedrooms and laundry’s often open directly onto sliding cupboard doors, and you cannot simply place a floor… Read more >

Lubricating Locks?

Lubricating Locks… what to use? Ask 20 locksmiths and you’ll get about 20 answers. Everyone has their favourite lubricant, and their favourite may depend on what they service the most and the environment the locks are working in. What you want to avoid is using… Read more >

Is an intercom a security device?

Is an intercom a security device? It sure is. An intercom is not merely a device for lazy people not wanting to walk up to their front door to answer. Intercom systems are a very convenient access control system and most certainly a security device…. Read more >

Is your security system secure?

Is your security system … Secure? That’s right! How secure is your security system? Can a thief easily circumvent your system? You have probably spent some good dollars on your security, be it, locks, key systems, alarm, cameras or a safe. But what have you… Read more >

Dynabolts Clearance Below Cost

We have left overs from a project where we were anchoring structures to concrete, so this excess is your gain if chasing anchor bolts and don’t want to pay full price. What we have is; A box of 13 x MACSIM Masonbolts for $25.00 12mm… Read more >

Used Safes

Safes are one of our favourite security devices. If you have a good quality safe then you are well on the way to ensuring your valuables will remain in your possession. Why are used safes such a good buy? safes rarely deteriorate in their functionality… Read more >

Throw Away Your Remotes

Open your gate/garage door with your Mobile The GSM-1000 works on latest GSM technology. All you need is to insert a valid SIM card and program phone numbers of all users through simple SMS text commands. When an authorised user makes a call to the… Read more >

Armoured Gate Chain

Go to the Shop to view more details last one on the shelf, and not likely to get any more in as the manufacturer is no longer in business Great product, great security perfect for gates and large pull handled doors, even as a semi-permanent… Read more >

When I move house do I need new locks?

No. But you should rekey your house! We have seen too many incidents of unauthorised entry to places upon the new owners or tenants moving in. Some have been malicious, others not intentional, but nonetheless it is important to have the external locks that make… Read more >

FAQ_ monitoring an alarm, the extra costs.

What are the extra costs I face when monitoring an alarm? So you have decided that it is good idea to monitor your alarm system. And in doing so, you have made a good decision. It is important to understand the full scope of costs… Read more >

Australian Made Security.

Where is our Australian Made Security product? We live in a world where the majority of our possessions and consumables are manufactured overseas. This is very true for the most of the security product and door hardware we invest in to protect ourselves and our… Read more >

Retail Security Solutions

RetailFlyer The above link is a pdf download of our Retail and Small Business security solutions flyer. Take the security & safety of your work place to the next level with our intuitive and cost effective solutions for small business. Make contact with our helpful… Read more >

3 Tips of Advice

3 tips of advice for a safe & secure Christmas 2013   To be honest, I could produce a list in the form of a book if you were to record all of the tips and suggested security solutions to be secure and safe for… Read more >

Security Dollars for Charity Event

Donate to charity without donating a cent… How can you support the local homeless youth of the Gold Coast without donating a cent? Simple! Join FRANKsecure on Facebook… It is not so bad really, we provide lot’s of information on security safety and even post… Read more >

A Home Invasion?

Probably not a home invasion, but the chap in this 18 second video was certainly running away from something but because of the perimeter alarm system he wasn’t going to stay at this property in Molendinar Gold Coast. Watch the 18 second youtube video below… Read more >

Schoolies means padlock order time!

Schoolies are at it! Schools are now in countdown mode for the year end, final exams continuing and students looking forward to a well earned summer break. Now is the time for school administrators and P&F committees responsible for ordering locker padlocks to get those… Read more >

Xmas is fast approaching

Wow! It feels like we have just recovered from last Christmas and yet here it is again. To help stay cool and collected as the silly season approaches it is a good idea to start making checklists now. Not only do you need to ensure… Read more >

Prevent a Home Invasion

FRANKsecure is all about solutions… We have product to assist in pre-alerting occupants of a home that someone is on their property. This can possibly reduce the potential of a home invasion. There have been a number of home invasions in recent months, this is… Read more >

Remotes… and more Remotes!

FRANKsecure’s Catalogue pages have been bolstered with more available remotes for vehicles. Rolling Code remotes; programmable models for vehicles, gates & garage doors some remotes require diagnostic tools to enrol the them into the vehicle Fixed Code remotes; clonable models if you have a working… Read more >