Chubb DPC Document Cabinets

Chubb Fire Cabinets _ DPC Document Cabinets Rest assured your vital records and documents are protected from fire in your office: Document Protection Cabinets from Chubbsafes is a range of certified safes providing fire protection for up to two hours. You understand that fire can… Read more >

Special Deal on Wireless Alarm Systems

RISCO wireless alarm special from now until 31 October 2016 Order and pay for your new Risco wireless alarm system before the end of October to save over $200.00 You can pay for and have the installation and delivery after October but our special offering must be… Read more >

Video Analytics for Schools

Video Analytics for Schools Security of our children is paramount and a tremendous amount of pressure is placed on education facilities to ensure adequate security is in place to protect their students. In addition to the safety of students and teachers, schools seem to attract… Read more >

Video Analytics Hospitality

Video Analytics Hospitality The hospitality industry is faced with some serious responsibility over the care of their patrons including the safety and security of people and their belongings. Hospitality have particular security concerns and video analytics endeavours to minimise the impact of such events by… Read more >

Video Analytics Retail Environment

Video Analytics Retail Environment Analysing video data in a retail environment can provide very powerful information not only for security and safety of workers and the customers but also for the business operators. Often thousands of dollars are invested into camera systems and Video Analytics… Read more >

Supercharge Your Camera System

Supercharge Your Camera System Is your security camera system doing all it can for your business? Camera System Video Analytics will increase your return on investment and supercharge your security system. If you thought a security camera system is just for recording imagery of what happened… Read more >

Home Automation by FRANKsecure

Home Automation by FRANKsecure FRANKsecure have become certified designers and a member of the Z-Wave Alliance. The Internet of Everything has arrived and Z-Wave technology is at the forefront of providing you EVERYTHING you need for residential and light commercial applications for smart home solutions,… Read more >

Re-keyable Padlocks

Re-keyable Padlocks by ABUS Abus Security Padlocks has been the padlock of choice for FRANKsecure for many years. A quality product from the German engineers at Abus, originally manufactured in Germany but now made in China but from an Abus owned and run facility. Abus provides… Read more >

Locked and Armed

Locked and Armed Alarm systems are an excellent deterrent to break & enter attempts. Any system that notifies an intruder that they have been detected will greatly lessen the time that intruder will stay. If that system can notify an intruder before they in fact… Read more >

What happened?

What happened? No, not a late night out with a jaded memory, more like what happened when I was away? Camera systems provide just that solution. I do not describe camera systems as a deterrent to crime, but they are certainly an asset and worthy… Read more >

Keep your valuables

Keep your valuables Don’t let your valuable walk out the door. Security is a habit, and the best habit you can get into is to secure your valuables in a safe, or multiple safes! What can I secure? Car keys (Yes, one of the most… Read more >

Secure the perimeter

Secure the perimeter Good security practices entail looking at various strategies to prevent a break & enter or to prevent a home invasion. What is the perimeter? The perimeter is the space surrounding your home. Often you will have a fence, not always. You may… Read more >

Who’s at the door?

Who’s at the door? The door bell sounds, you are heading the door and it’s after dark, hopefully the person (or persons) behind your closed door is someone you know. A simple home security system should always include a video intercom system. Intercom systems allow… Read more >

Lock your door!

Lock your door ! Securing your home starts with the basics… lock your door. Too many times you will hear stories of break & enters that did not entail much breaking-in. It is easy to see how it all starts, especially with the morning rush out the… Read more >

Salto is made for Schools

Salto is made for Schools. FRANKsecure would like to introduce you to Salto and how it can assist your security and access requirements in your school facility. FRANKsecure have been installing access control systems for over 20 years and in recent years we have become… Read more >

New Safe Stock Has Arrived

New Financial Year has begun and our Safe Stock has arrived to kick start the “Year”. The showroom has new arrivals of the ever popular Burg Wachter Combiline series as well as new Secuguard series of steel plate safes. A safe needs to be secure…. Read more >

New Contact Phone Number

New Contact Phone Number for our Back to Base Monitoring Service. A reminder to all of our monitored alarm clients to update the phone number for the back to base monitoring control room. Control Room 1300-725 220 Call the control room for; any after hours… Read more >

RISCO cloud maintenance alert

RISCO cloud maintenance alert Please be made aware that the RISCO Cloud service will undergo maintenance on Sunday July 10th 2016 at approx 6pm Brisbane time. For users of the Risco Cloud service (utilising the Risco smartphone app and web portal) you will not have… Read more >

Emergency Alarm Silencing Procedure

A screaming siren on an alarm system is the bane of all alarm system users and their neighbours. A siren only blares when something has caused it to do so. The solution is of course to identify what’s causing the sirens to blare; a programmed… Read more >

MLAK keys available here

The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) is an innovative system that enables people with disabilities to gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities. The MLAK system has been fitted to elevators at railway stations, accessible toilets in Council municipalities and National Parks and… Read more >

Design Awards 2015

  Design Awards 2015 have just announced Manital’s Saturn lever design as the winner  “2015 GOOD DESIGN AWARDS” A prestigious prize awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. The award is… Read more >

Matt Black Levers

Now available is a range of Matt Black lever furniture to make your building project simply stunning with the ultra modern Marino lever in silky smooth Matt Black. View product in our online Shop. Current pricing available for orders to end of November 2015 after… Read more >

I can no longer view my cameras remotely?

I can no longer view my cameras remotely? A very common problem amongst remote viewing smartphone apps connecting to your home or office camera system. When you connect your security camera recording device, DVR/NVR, to your modem router it is assigned an IP address and a… Read more >

Letterbox Locks

Letterbox Locks upgrades Most people have a key for their letterbox, and virtually anyone can also get a key for YOUR letterbox. So how do you improve the security of your letterbox? Install a PIN CYLINDER letterbox lock. Pin cylinders vastly improve the security of… Read more >

Refunds and Returns Policy

Refunds and Returns Policy FRANKsecure have adopted and comply with the Australian Consumer Law refund policy guidelines. FRANKsecure are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you (the consumer) change your mind. But you can choose a refund or exchange if an item… Read more >

Privacy & CCTV Systems

Privacy & CCTV Systems Below is an extract from the Australian law Reform Commission website, discussing the implications of Privacy Law infringement and the Use of Security Cameras. FRANKsecure recommend care is taken when installing Security Camera Systems to ensure management plans are put in… Read more >

Why use FRANKsecure?

Why use FRANKsecure as your preferred security company? Choosing the right security provider is not an easy task for the consumer who has not had the need for a locksmith or alarm technician, and it can be also easy to be drawn to whoever is… Read more >