After Hours Emergency Locksmith Service

Gold Coast Emergency Locksmith Service Did you know that FRANKsecure provides an emergency after hours locksmith service to the entire Gold Coast? Locked out and need to gain entry? Call us any time on 07 5588 0100. We’re ready to help when you need us.

Special Public Announcement

Special Public Announcement to our valuable customers network. On behalf of myself and Bret O’Neill, I am pleased to announce the exciting news that we have sold our business FRANKsecure. Yes it is exciting, because after 53 years of ownership under the O’Neill family I… Read more >

Business Washroom Hardware

Business Washroom Hardware FRANKsecure is certainly known for our expertise in lock and door hardware, but did you know we are merchants for Business Washroom Hardware as well? What do I mean by business washroom hardware? Well essentially all the hardware you’d expect to utilise… Read more >

Fingerscan Safe

Fingerscan Safe In stock and ready to serve any business that demands a high level of security is our fingerscan safe now with remote fob entry method. Our Burg Wachter, German manufactured business safe will stand up to the task and protect your valued business… Read more >

Remotes Gold Coast Smooth Operator

Remotes Gold Coast Smooth Operator Remotes Gold Coast. Smooth Operator is what we call our latest cloning remote. Features of this amazing little remote device; Face to Face universal garage remote. Clones existing working remotes. Capable of cloning a large range of Fixed & Rolling… Read more >

Access Control Gold Coast Salto Update

The latest access control news from Salto Access Control Gold Coast Salto Update; is all about further convenience to what has to be the most convenient access control system in the market. This post is best explained by the Youtube release of the latest upgrade… Read more >

iRisco update 2018

 iRisco update 2018 is about security All Risco alarm users who utilise the smartphone app will be required to update certain details in order to continue using the Risco Cloud service. User Guide link The first thing that will happen is your iRisco app will… Read more >

Letterbox Security Gold Coast

Letterbox Security Gold Coast. FRANKsecure are aware and sympathise with anyone who have suffered losses due to letterbox theft. No ! Not theft of the actual Letterbox but of the contents in the letterbox. You know how there is the continual talk and chatter about… Read more >

Door Stops Gold Coast

Door Stops Gold Coast FRANKsecure supply all door hardware including door stops. Door stops provide a number of functions in supporting the control of an opening door. Preventing damage to walls is one of the primary functions a door stop will perform by stopping the… Read more >

Risco Smartphone Update 2018

Update to existing Risco Smartphone App News Release for Risco Smartphone App users. The available smartphone app in the AppStore and on Google Play will change to newer versions (version5) For Current Users this will happen automatically. Users will see a message within their app… Read more >

Travellers Mini Alarm System

You can have your very own Travellers Mini Alarm System thanks to some amazing DIY security products from FRANKsecure. Travelling overseas and within our own beautiful Australian borders can present various security risks to your own well being. Not all hotels and motels provide secure… Read more >

Secure your electrical box.

Secure your electrical box.   So you have spent a few thousand dollars on an extensive alarm system, Great! You have the latest Security Alarm System giving you fantastic pictures and access by the internet, Very Smart! But have you placed a simple padlock on… Read more >

How do I change the combination of my safe?

So you have a dial combination lock on your safe and you want to change the combination, follow these simple steps; What you need: the original combination (it will be 3 or 4 numbers) the correct “change key” , a tool that looks a bit… Read more >

Alarm System Gold Coast

Wired, Wireless, or DIY Alarm System Gold Coast Alarm System Gold Coast Services. Need an alarm system or upgrade and you are on the Gold Coast or within an hour’s drive? Then we can assist you. Often in the past alarm systems were considered a… Read more >

locksmith gold coast

Locksmith Gold Coast

Locksmith Gold Coast Locksmith Gold Coast, business and after hours 7 days a week. FRANKsecure are relied upon by thousands of home owners and business operators throughout South East Queensland. For over 50 years (formerly trading as Frank O’Neill Locksmiths) the O’Neill family have continued… Read more >

DIY Home Alarm Gold Coast

DIY Home Alarm Gold Coast DIY Home Alarm Gold Coast. Yes, you sure can install your own alarm system at home or in the office, maybe in a rental unit or your caravan. Even take your security system with you on holidays in your hotel… Read more >

Washroom Hardware Clearance

Washroom Hardware Clearance 2018 Take me to the products on Sale now ! Schools, shopping centres, office facilities, fitness clubs, anywhere where you have public washroom facilities FRANKsecure can assist you fitout, replenish or replace all washroom hardware. Right now we have some old stock… Read more >

Wide Angle Security Camera

Wide angle security camera that sees into the night. 30+ metres in fact! Our latest Dahua wide angle lens cameras have an amazing width of view from it’s 180 degree 3 lens unit. Ultra-sharp night vision then creates an awesome and powerful security tool for many… Read more >

Security Cameras Your Compliance Assistant.

Security Cameras Your Compliance Assistant. Security Camera Systems are often thought of only for their primary purpose of recording events and the most common thought of reason being for identifying persons and how security breaches occurred. In today’s business environment compliance has become a major… Read more >

Simple Home Security Remedies

Simple home security remedies doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on complex electronic security systems. Even though FRANKsecure can certainly assist you in designing any level of electronic security system to fit your budget and requirements, still a vast percentage of our daily work is… Read more >

Cyber Security for business a few easy tips

This is the second post from FRANKsecure on cyber security and with thanks from our domain hosting providers Domain Registration Services who have graciously allowed me to purge their information onto you. And I do so because the advice is simple and easy to effect by… Read more >

Software Updates Oct 2017

Salto Access Control software updates If you are operating with the Salto Access Control SPACE 4 or 3 software then there have been 2 recent updates available for you to download.   ProAccess SPACE 4 ver New features include; Full HTML5 support, it is… Read more >

Free Safe Install Offer

Yes, it’s on again for December 2017 only Free delivery on any safe purchased from our showroom during the month of December. Conditions; Free delivery to any Gold Coast address. Including our excellent range of used safes. Free delivery & install limited to safes under… Read more >

the experts for digital locks gold coast

Digital Locks Gold Coast

Digital Locks Gold Coast FRANKsecure are the Digital Locks Gold Coast ‘s experts. Technology advances have provide us with many life conveniences and technology has certainly starting making it’s entrance (pardon the pun) into the door opening world. No longer do you need to spend… Read more >

The 2 Faces of Cyber Security

The 2 faces of cyber security. What do I mean by that? FRANKsecure is about securing property by providing products that assist people in managing their risk against theft and indeed personal harm. We are entering the era of the Internet of Things at an… Read more >