Facial Recognition for Gold Coast Gyms

Facial Recognition for Gold Coast Gyms

Gyms across the Gold Coast are arising all about the place and facial recognition is here to help. This is fantastic news for the health and welfare of Gold Coast residents as we must be taking up a healthy lifestyle at an alarming rate to warrant these businesses opening. Often these facilities are with 24hr access and really rely on the honesty of their members to be the actual person using their membership as the gyms do not have personnel in attendance 24hrs a day.

Good news for Gym owners (and any business that could benefit from a remote method of identifying attending staff, members or other customers).

FRANKsecure have available the Hikvision Facial Recognition Terminal.

So whilst swipe cards and smart RFID fobs speed up the process of membership entry it is easy for members to scam the system by sharing their card with friends or family. This can happen in both situations when gym staff are present or when the gym facility is unattended. facial recognition technology ensures and verifies for staff that the person entering is the member of their gym.

Quick, simple and smart.

FRANKsecure have been leaders in the Access Control industry on the Gold Coast for over 20 years having introduced affordable and simple to operate systems for highrise apartment carparks when users were scamming managers by passing on copies of keys to enter basement parking areas. Today FRANKsecure install access systems for schools, hospitals and businesses all over the Gold Coast. Speciality solutions like this Facial Recognition Terminal is just one of the solutions we can provide.

Main features;

  • facial registration within 3 seconds
  • facial recognition within 1 second
  • dual-camera with IR function in one camera
  • distinguishes live faces from pictures
  • 99% success rate
  • connects to external card reader to make 2-way access control
  • calculates time in attendance
  • connects to security systems

What next?

  1. Contact us to enquire further how this product (or other access control products) can assist your business.
  2. Have a look at some of our other digital locking solutions.