Emergency Alarm Silencing Procedure

A screaming siren on an alarm system is the bane of all alarm system users and their neighbours.

A siren only blares when something has caused it to do so.

The solution is of course to identify what’s causing the sirens to blare;

  1. a programmed feature of the alarm has activated the siren
  2. a system trouble is causing the siren to activate

By disarming the relevant area of the alarm system should silence any programmed feature of the alarm system.

Various system troubles can be cause for the siren or the codepads to activate and cause you grief until rectified.

  • referring to your owners’ manual will provide you the directions on identifying what type of fault (system trouble) is causing the siren/codepad noises
  • often by acknowledging the fault this will silence the noise
  • other times you may need to bypass detectors or areas to silence the noise
  • unfortunately some system troubles cannot be bypassed or silenced from codepad input

So what can you do in such an instance or any instance when you simply need to silence your alarm ? The answer is quite simple, Disable your siren.

  1.  If practical you can disconnect the wires leading to your siren, either at the siren or within the alarm panel box.
  2. Another method is to power-down the alarm system and leave it off until a technician can attend. To achieve this you need to access the alarm panel box to turn off the plug-pack power supply and to disconnect one of the wires on the back-up battery. This action will cut all power to the alarm system and provide you peace while waiting for an alarm technician to attend.

This problem is quite regular for external siren boxes with tamper switches as the tamper switch will fail in time due to it’s exposure to the elements. Unfortunately the siren box is often too high to practically gain access to disconnect wires. So the preferred method will be to power-down the entire system. powering down the system will also prevent any further phone calls to monitoring stations and save a few dollars in phone calls.

What you need to do ow! before you are faced with having to apply an emergency power-down of your alarm system, is to make sure you have a copy of your user manual. maybe attach it to the outside of your alarm panel box. Secondly, make sure you have access to your alarm panel box as some have key lock access, others require a screw driver.


Good Luck!