DIY Home Alarm Gold Coast

DIY Home Alarm Gold Coast

DIY Home Alarm Gold Coast. Yes, you sure can install your own alarm system at home or in the office, maybe in a rental unit or your caravan. Even take your security system with you on holidays in your hotel room.


FRANKsecure known for installing professional security systems for over 20 years now provide you with a DIY option for self-security enthusiasts. The Watchguard 2020 series alarms.

You have the choice of setting up your very own security system in 3 ways;

  1. Siren + Detector + Remote
  2. 3G Alarm Kit
  3. Wi-Fi Alarm Kit

From $127.00 you purchase an internal Siren/Strobe that plugs directly into a wall power socket. Pair a remote fob and a detector to the siren and you have yourself a mini-alarm system. This can be achieved also by using the external Siren/Strobe and pairing a remote and detectors to the siren for a simple and effective mini-alarm system. Ideal for situations where you do not need to be notified of events by phone but still wish to deter people from entering the premises, or used for when you are there and need to know when movement is happening.

Uses such as;

  • Caravans
  • Sheds
  • Motel rooms
  • Patios
  • Shop fronts
  • Storerooms

The 3G Alarm Kit is ready for action the moment you unpack the box. All devices are pre-paired to the base unit, all you are required to do is to buy a sim card to insert in the unit and download the smartphone app. Add additional wireless devices to grow your system as needed.

The Wi-Fi Alarm Kit is also ready for action once you connect the base unit to your internet modem, download the smartphone app and you are ready to protect your place. The primary advantage of the Wi-Fi model is the addition of a camera to provide you alarm verification through your smartphone app.

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