Digital Lockset Carbine RFID

Digital Lockset Carbine RFID

The new Digital Lockset Carbine RFID offers excellent product features for homes and small business looking to replace their keyed lockset for a smarter lock.

Two models are available;

  1. The RFID leverset, and
  2. The RFID deadbolt

Primary features include

  • open lock by a standard key
  • open lock by PIN code
  • open lock by RFID mifare smart card (this could be an existing card such as a travel GO card)
  • open lock by NFC mifare compatible smartphone (not remotely, must be at the lock, replaces need for an RFID card)

Fitting is via a standard 54mm bore hole often used for standard locksets and deadbolts. Adjustable 60-70mm backset latch.

If replacing an existing lockset or deadbolt no additional drilling required.

1 programming code, 25 user codes + 25 user cards/phones

Codes can be 4 to 8 digits in length. Ability to program false numbers to hide actual code. Changeable open time 5-99 seconds.

Vacation mode to lock out all users.

Option for double authorisation mode, card & PIN to open door.

Operates on 4 AA batteries.

3in1 deadbolt carbinedigital


Most people are seeking forms of convenience and the entry to our homes and small business are prime locations for this lock.

Simple to replace either the current operating lockset or deadbolt on any timber door that would benefit from access control. This could be the front entry door, the rear staff entry door, the garage door to the house, a store room that is opened regularly, any door that there is a risk of users getting the keys cut quickly at the local hardware store and this lock can prevent that.

Sure, a pin code can be given to others so when used on an external access door there should be other levels of security such as a timezone controlled alarm system and security cameras. The mode of dual authorisation will be better suited so the user has to hold both the PIN code and the programmed card to enter the door.

See the catalogue for other access lock options